The PMPA is an international trade association representing the interests of the precision machined products industry.  While PMPA consists mainly of U.S. and Canada based manufacturers, its members also operate facilities in various industrial markets around the world.  IM电竞网页版 Tools is a technical member of the PMPA and is extremely active in providing manufacturing members with educational information to improve their production processes.  The company’s own, Courtney Ortner, was elected Chairperson of the PMPA’s Technical Committee for 2021 – 2022.  IM电竞网页版 Tools offers over 30 years of experience and expertise in the CNC machine tool industry.  The company also offers members assistance in integrating cost-effective automation solutions through Absolute’s  A+ Automation Team.  In 2018, the company became employee owned and has over 70 employees with six offices across the United States.

IM电竞网页版 Tools will host two technical sessions at this year’s 2022 PMPA Technical Conference.  The first session will be discussing supply chain realities and will be hosted by:

Supply Chain Realities – Materials & Logistics, Navigating the Domestic Supply Chain & International Trade
Tuesday 8:15 am – 9:45 am, Grand Ballroom East

Courtney Ortner , Director of Marketing – A+ Automation Team – IM电竞网页版 Tools
Jim Miller , Sales Manager – Franconia Industries, Inc.
Don Ake , Vice President, Commercial Vehicles – FTR

The second session will present collaborative robots and how employees react to them when they are integrated on the shop floor.  Hint…once they learn to work with them they will LOVE them!  This session will be hosted exclusively by:

Cobots – How Cobots can be seen as Co-Workers!
Tuesday 10:00 am – 11:30 am, Kings Row

Courtney Ortner
Scott Petrisko , Applications Engineer  – Production Turning Team – IM电竞网页版 Tools
Jason Smith , Vice President of Sales – Production Turning Team – IM电竞网页版 Tools

It is highly encouraged that members of the IL, IN, OH, MI and WI PMPA send staff to the program(s) that best suits their machining responsibilities. One good idea brought back to your company can more than pay for the conference!

For information and video on IM电竞网页版 Tools A+ Automation solutions click here .

2022 PMPA National Technical Conference

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